Portage County

Regional Planning Commission

Asset Mapping

Asset Mapping is the process of inventorying and analyzing the resources of a community or region. The Asset Mapping project for Portage County is a joint venture between the Portage County Regional Planning Commission, the Portage County Auditor and Portage County's Information Technology department.

The Asset Mapping project was undertaken to provide community leaders and anyone interested in development with important knowledge about the County’s businesses and non-residential land uses to improve development or redevelopment efforts.
The Asset Mapping project was funded through a grant from the State of Ohio’s Local Government Innovation Fund.
Portage County Communities Asset Mapping Website
This website provides data for each community on businesses located in that community and vacant and agricultural land that may be suitable for new development. Community data can be downloaded in a format (.cvs) that can be imported into spreadsheets for analysis. A map of each community showing land uses and business and industrial zoning may also be downloaded or viewed. 

Other County Resources

The Portage County Auditor's Office currently provides a searchable parcel database that can be accessed at:


    • Parcel data can be searched by parcel number, owner, address or closest intersection by choosing "Search" at the top.


    • Alternately, "Map" can be chosen at the top to view parcel information on a County base map. There are tools for selecting parcels, measuring distance and area and for zooming. When zoomed in, the background aerial photo is shown.


    • In the "Search" window, the "Advanced Search" tab provides users with the opportunity to filter parcel data in a variety of ways:
      • Location
      • Sales (parcel transfers)
      • Residential building criteria
      • Land use and vacant land (classification by the Auditor's Office)


  • Parcel data searches can be printed or exported as files that can be read in spreadsheets.